Learning to live with the loss of a child

The goal of the Center for Infant & Child Loss is to assist families as they learn to live with the sudden and unexpected loss of their child. All sudden, unexpected infant or child deaths in the State of Maryland are attended by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Resources are often not immediately available or recognizable to families who experience this type of traumatic loss. The primary focus of Center services is to parents. Additionally, services may also be provided to grandparents, siblings, daycare providers, teenagers, co-workers, schools, and other significant persons as indicated.

Initial Services

The Center, acting as liaison between the family and the Medical Examiner (OCME), contacts most families within 48 hours providing:

  • Accurate information OCME preliminary findings, early grief reactions
  • Initial crisis support Telephone contact, identification of support systems and coping mechanisms
  • Appropriate literature Selected literature chosen to meet specific needs

Continuing Services

  • Grief intervention Support provided through telephone contact and mailings that recognize significant dates throughout the first year. Each family receives a SIDS & Infant Death Survival Guide.
  • Assessment of family’s needs Recognizing and supporting the individuality of each circumstance

Parent to Parent Healing Connections

  • Peer support system Center parents are available to talk with newly bereaved families
  • Insights newsletter Sent to all families and other interested community members
  • Memorial Services To commemorate the lives of the children
  • Fundraising and "fun-raising" events Encourage participation and contact with other bereaved families

  • Collaboration with national and state agencies
  • Referrals to support groups throughout the state
The Center for Infant & Child Loss, UMBF, is a non-profit, 501-3C organization. Tax ID: 31.1678.679
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