There isn’t any right way to grieve after the loss of a loved one. Finding the path that best suits your needs can be hard because tremendous feelings of loss can be uncharted territory. Reading can be a way of healing that doesn’t require talking to anyone or joining a group. It can act as a private discovery and way to identify feelings that are causing so much pain. Perhaps something from this list will be helpful.

"A Gift of Time: Continuing Your Pregnancy
When Your Baby's Life Is Expected to Be Brief"

Amy Kuebelbeck

"Waiting with Gabriel: A Story of Cherishing a Baby's
Brief Life" Karen Garver Santorum, "Letters to Gabriel"

Amy Kuebelbeck

"Letters to Gabriel"
Karen Garver Santorum

"The Problem of Pain"
C. S. Lewis

"Songs of Innocence and Experience"
William Blake

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