The Center offers many services which helps bereaved families struggling with the immediate impact of their loss.

Safe Sleep Video

With the help of bereaved parents and area physicians, the Center has producd a 9 minute safe sleep video that speaks directly to the issues surrounding safe sleep and what it can mean for the heaelth of your baby. The video is used Statewide by birth hospitals as part of the post partum education of new moms and is accessible by visiting bit.ly/CICL.SafeSleep you YouTube.

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CICL’s Anti-Bulling Campaign: The Saving GRACE Initiative

Christine McComas, a champion for teens and the mother of Grace has been working with the Center to spread the word on Maryland’s Anti-Bullying Law. After losing her daughter Grace McComas in April 2012 because of relentless bullying, Chris has made it her mission to honor her daughter’s memory by having people rethink senseless acts. She and her husband fought tirelessly to make bullying a crime in the state of Maryland, punishable by imprisonment of up to a year and a fine of up to $500.00 or both. Together, with this family, the Center has developed an amazing ruler to fit in your average school bound 3 ring binder. This ruler highlights Grace’s Law and gives students sound advice on what to do if they are being bullied or know someone else who is. Our mission is to place this ruler into the hands of every student in the state of Maryland.

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Back To Sleep

Providing a safe sleep environment for baby is important for parents and caregivers to help reduce the risk of SIDS and other infant deaths related to bedding. Since the beginning of the National Back to Sleep Campaign in 1994, SIDS has dropped 38% in the United States. Read on for more information about what to do.

For more information on ordering Back to Sleep materials, posters, light switch covers, "Keep Your Baby Safe & Healthy" Brochures in English and Spanish, call 410-706-0200.

For Back to Sleep material and information visit www.nichd.nih.gov

Empty Arms Project

The Center is currently offering a state-wide initiative which targets bereaved families struggling with the immediate impact of their loss. The Empty Arms Project provides a packet to newly bereaved parents upon leaving the emergency room. The packet contains a cuddly bear with the Center's toll-free number, and a card giving suggestions for coping in the next few hours and days following their child's death. These bears have been provided to 27 hospital emergency rooms across Maryland.

Adopt a Bear!

By adopting a bear for $20, you will be providing a local hospital a cuddly comfort bear along with literature to help ease the pain for a grieving family. In return, you will receive the Center's sincere thanks and a tax-deductible receipt for your donation. Most importantly, you will get the satisfaction of knowing you have stretched out your hand to fill a grieving family's empty arms.

To adopt a bear or to receive a bear because you have experienced a loss, please contact the Center for Infant & Child Loss at 800.808.7437 or send email to www.caring@som.umaryland.edu.

Kaitlyn & Casey’s Friendship Bracelets

When Cody and Paul lost their beautiful son Casey on July 5, 2013, they were looking for direction and compassion from someone who knew exactly what they were going through. The Center for Infant and Child Loss connected them with Stephanie and Terry who lost their lovely daughter, Kaitlyn, on May 6, 2009. The level of commitment from one family to another was extraordinary. They have found a way to bond through their grief and are always looking for ways to give back and help others. In their own tragedies, they have found a way to celebrate the lives of Kaitlyn and Casey by hosting fundraisers that provide them healing, while benefiting the Center. Out of their fundraising effort, comes Kaitlyn and Casey’s Friendship Bracelets. These beautiful pink and blue bracelets will be included in the grief packets that are sent to families across the State that have experienced the sudden and unexpected death of their infant or child. The bond of friendship is a powerful force and it is what links people together to create triumph out of tragedy.

Light Switch Covers

Since 2002, the Center has provided "Back to Sleep/Tummy Play" light switch covers to delivery hospitals in Maryland for new parents when they leave the hospital. Each year approximately 60,000 light switch covers are distributed. Now available in Spanish!

These are a very popular item among new mothers and those working in maternal and child health. If you would like a supply of the covers, please contact the Center.

New Remembrance Quilt

The Center asked parents to submit a quilt square as a remembrance of their child. The response was terrific. A number of parents wrote to say how thankful they were for this project. One mother may have summed it up best, she wrote, "This quilt square helps enormously as a part of each grieving parent wants others to 'know' their child. It validates our children's lives and reminds us that they had a purpose even though their time with us was so brief." And indeed, when the quilt is displayed all are interested and pay their respects to those portrayed in the fabrics.

It has been decided that the Memory Quilt will be an ongoing project. The quilts are displayed at all Center events and are a special remembrance of the children that have touched all of our lives.

If you wish to contribute a quilt square please use an 8"x8" cotton/poly blend square decorated as you choose. Suggestions for making the design are: cross-stitch, transfer pictures, applique sewn, stitch witchery or glue, fabric markers/crayons, stamps, etc.

If you have any questions, call 800-808-7437. Mail your completed quilt square to the Center office.

Breelyn's Blanket Brigade

Breelyn Elizabeth Burke - February 19, 2016 – June 17, 2016 - You do not know it, but at the hospital, you were covered in a handmade blanket. The Blanket symbolized love and care, and it was made by strangers. Strangers who put their time, energy, and efforts into making something that would make our difficult moment just a bit better. And so we make and collect handmade blankets for other families and we named the effort after you. We hurt that others will need these blankets but we hope they will feel love like we did. www.breelynsblanketbrigade.com

Seeing that blanket let us know that others didn’t see her as just a number or a chart, she was a baby and she mattered.

We want to give that moment of love to other families who have lost their children. Making an entire blanket is a daunting task and 5″ x 5″ squares are much easier to commit to. Anyone can learn- my first grade niece is a pro! I encourage you to try making some squares. Crochet, knit, quilt- whatever works for you! Goal is approximately 30″ x 40″ blankets (48 – 5″ squares). Gender neutral colors are probably best – green, yellow, purple, etc.

Make a blanket or make a square – let’s show others that we care. Join Breelyn’s Blanket Brigade today! Send your squares/blankets to the Center for Infant & Child Loss.

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